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Randy's Hard Case Rolling Kit

Randy's Hard Case Rolling Kit

This hard shell rolling kit is for the smoker on the go. Zipped into the Randy's hard shell smokers case are 2 packs of Raw Artesano 1 1/4, the kit with rolling papers, tips, and a little built in tray. There's a pair of Buddy's folding scissors, a Raw mini Clipper eco-friendly lighter and a Raw natural hemp wick. The Rolling Paper Store acrylic storage tube is airtight and water resistant for discreet transport.

  • Randy's Hard Shell Zippered Case is Covered with a Hemp Fabric and Measures 6" x 4" , with 1 Zipper Pocket and 1 Elastic Mesh Pocket
  • 2 Packs Raw Artesano 1 1/4 Rolling Papers, the Rolling Kit with 50 Rolling Papers, 50 Rolling Tips and a Built in Rolling Tray
  • Clipper Mini Lighter is Refillable and Reflintible Plus Has a Built in Poker Tamper
  • Raw Hemp Wick is 10 Feet of Natural Hemp Fiber Coated in Bee's Wax
  • Rolling Paper Store Acrylic Storage Tube is Airtight and Water Resistant for Discretion

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