Incense and Smoke Eliminators

Incense and Smoke Eliminators

Even if you smoke you might not want the odors in your home or car. Rolling Paper Store has a number of products to combat smoke odors at home and on the go.

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I Vanna Blaze Soy Candles

I Vanna soy candles are hand poured and made using only essential oils. Whether you want to relax, energize or just enjoy keeping your room smoke free, you'll love one of the scents in the Blaze gro..


Juicy Jay's Incense Sticks

Whether you like incense for meditation, to freshen your home or your car, Juicy Jay's Incense is the perfect choice. With a variety of flavorful scents to choose from your mouth will water but not ..


Ozium Air Freshener

Ozium is still the best air freshener because it's actually an air cleaner. It kills bacteria to knock down odors in seconds. If you love to smoke but don't care to share the odors with others, one ..


Ozium Air Sanitizer 3.5 Oz.

Ozium is perfect for the car and this larger size is great for home. Ozium is the most effective air freshener because it's actually an air sanitizer. It kills bacteria that cause nasty odors to lin..


Raw Terpene Candle

Raw, the natural rolling paper company, gives you the natural way to eliminate smoke with the hand poured Terpene candle. Relax your senses and enhance your environment at the same time. ..


Smoke Buddy Junior

Now you can use the Smoke Buddy Junior and not have to worry about offending your room mates or neighbors. Just blow the smoke into the Smoke Buddy and the odor dissipates like magic...