Printed Rolling Papers

Printed Rolling Papers

Printed and novelty rolling papers are great fun for parties or gifts.

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Ghetto Blaster Rolling Papers SOLD OUT

Ghetto Blaster Rolling Papers

Ghetto Blaster 1 1/4 hemp rolling papers are a fun homage to urban life. Printed in soy ink, add Ghetto Blasters to your rolling paper collection just for fun...


GI Jay Camo Hemp 1 1/2 SOLD OUT

GI Jay Camo Hemp 1 1/2

GI Jay Camo Hemp rolling papers are a camouflage pattern printed in soy ink. These are fun to roll and fun to share. Know someone in the military who likes to roll their own? Throw these in your nex..


Skulls Printed Rolling Papers SOLD OUT

Skulls Printed Rolling Papers

Skulls Printed rolling papers are a favorite among RYO collectors. These edgy, skull printed rolling papers are fun for parties or gifts. Currently available only in 1 1/2 size...


Urban Wraps SOLD OUT

Urban Wraps

Urban Wraps are a fun way to roll your own. Made of hemp these filter printed cigarette papers closely resemble a pre-rolled cigarette. Printed with nontoxic soy ink, available in 1 1/2 size only...


USA Flag Rolling Papers 1 1/2 SOLD OUT

USA Flag Rolling Papers 1 1/2

USA flag printed rolling papers are a great way to show your patriotism. These fun rolling papers are available only in 1 1/2 size and have American flags printed in soy ink on each paper...