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Rolling Paper Store Loves Elements Rolling Papers


Elements rice rolling papers are one of the best sellers at Rolling Paper Store. They are particularly popular with users with medical conditions because they are, as far as we can tell, the paper with the lowest residual ash.

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Elements are appropriately named for the four elements taken into consideration during the manufacturing of these iconic rolling papers.


Elements are made from Earth friendly material rice and sugar. The paper is made from rice using no chemicals, no chlorine and no burn agents (burn agents are materials that control burn in one way or another) in the process. The glue strip is made from sugar.


Each paper has a proprietary criss-cross Watermark that helps to prevent runs. This creates the most even burn possible. Try holding a sheet of Elements Rolling Papers up to the window and you will see the beautiful watermark printed on the paper.


Elements rolling papers are made in Alcoy, Spain, using Wind power to create the electricity needed for the manufacturing process.

Elements are made for the Fire and they burn with virtually zero ash. Light one of these lightweight, rice rolling papers on fire and let it burn in an ash tray to see for yourself. The only thing left will be a tiny bit of caramel from the sugar glue strip.

Elements also introduced true innovations in packaging like the magnetic closure on their rolling paper pack and the Elements rolling papersperfect fold. The magnetic closure is a genius little device they incorporate into the Elements 1 ¼ rolling papers. There are two magnets set in the center on the edge of the pack that keeps the flap closed and flat so your papers don’t get wrinkled and the pack doesn’t get bent. This little gizmo has been shamelessly copied by several other companies, but the credit goes to Elements for the original design and product release. Often copied never equaled.


Elements perfect fold is exactly what it sounds like. Traditionally rolling paper companies fold papers in half, interweave and package them. Each time you pull out a paper you have to refold it to roll. Elements figured out a way to fold them at the 1/3 level and interweave and package. Each paper is ready to roll Elements rolling paperswhen you pull it from the pack.



In addition to rolling papers Elements makes a complete line of products for roll your own smokers. Everything they make has the same attention to detail as the first product they produced. You will find everything you want from cones to tips to rolling machines to help you roll it your way.


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