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Raw, maker of some of the best rolling papers in the world, comes out with new products from time to time. At Rolling Paper Store we always look forward to new releases because almost all of them are fun and innovative, and many are collectibles and limited editions. It’s been a long time since they have actually come out with a brand new type of rolling paper though, so everyone was really excited to try the newest member of the Raw product line, Raw Black rolling papers. RAW Black


Raw Black is an ultra-thin version of the famous original Raw Natural rolling paper. Raw still uses the long hemp fibers you’re familiar with, but these papers are double pressed so you get the thinnest version possible, while still maintaining strength. When you take the paper out and hold it up to the light you will notice it’s the same light toast color you’re used to seeing and it has Raw’s patented criss cross pattern watermark. This watermark is embedded in the paper and it’s what makes all Raw papers burn slowly and evenly without running or canoeing, as some other papers are apt to do. If you’re used to using Raw Natural or Raw Organic you will notice an immediate difference in the feel of the new Raw Black. It’s definitely lighter and thinner and almost feels like a rice paper. 


Rolling with a lighter paper can be a challenge at first. We found that if you’re an experienced roller you’ll have no problem with Raw Black. We recommend using a grinder for herb or a shredder for tobacco for a consistent roll. Thin papers can be unforgiving when it comes to nugs! It also helps if your thumbs are slightly damp when you roll for that little bit of extra traction for an even roll out. Lots of our customers are loving this paper but prefer to use a rolling machine for best results. We used the Raw 79 mm roller with the 1 ¼ paper and found this to be extremely helpful, particularly if you’re rolling tobacco, or using a tip or filter. 

Raw Black is currently available in single wide, king size slim and the all-time favorite 1 1/4 size. Since it has been so well received we can’t wait to see what they’ll do with it next! 


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