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Reasons Smokers Use a Filter Tip


Filters aren’t new. Rolling Paper Store founders remember that in the 70s people used to tear off the end of a matchbook and roll it up into a tip.. If you did it right it gave you a nice round tip you could wrap your paper around. When you were done there was no left over and you just threw the tip away. Genius!joint tips RAW rolling tips

Now using tips with rollling papers and cone has become a very common practice and many rolling paper manufacturers make tips to go along with your favorite rolling papers. Raw and Elements both make pre-rolled tips that are ready to go. Just put them in the roller, add your leaves and paper and go for it. Other smokers like the flat, roll your own type of tip. It gives them more control over the size, air flow and finished product. Zen and Raw both make a great flat, roll your own tip.

If you hate spit soaked rolls this could be the way to go. Here are a few reasons you may want to give this a try.

1.   As the paper gets smaller no one has to worry about getting burned fingers.


2.    Did we mention spit soaked paper…yuck. It always goes in your mouth so saliva transfer in inevitable. Putting a tip on the end can really minimize the effect. Although the tip gets damp, you won’t end up with a dripping mess destined to disintegrate halfway through your smoke.  


3.    Superior air flow, less running. With a regular untipped roll it gets harder to hit as it gets shorter.  This can also cause a roll to run, or canoe, burning faster on one side than the other. With a tip you get consistent airflow throughout your smoke. Nice easy hits are the order of the day, not the giant puffs you need to draw air through the end of an untipped joint. 


4.    Get the most from your pricey leaf. Unfiltered rolls mean dealing with smelly, dirty leftovers. You can save them and use a pipe or open them up and roll them into another smoke, but why bother? With a  tip you can smoke all the way to the end, eliminating that final leftover. If you don’t like dealing with ends try rolling a tip into your paper for a completely new experience.


Many things are a matter of habit and personal preference. Rolling Paper Store folks love all kinds of rolling papers, wraps and cones, but we always seem to come back to the good old fashioned rolled smoke, sweet, discrete and easy. Whether your preference is a tipped smoke or just kicking it old school we have everything for the tobacco smoker on our site.


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