Elements Hemp Rolling Papers

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Elements Hemp Rolling Papers


Elements rice rolling papers have had a devoted following for years. Their flagship paper is consistently well made, and their clever magnetic closure on the Elements 1 ¼ is a thing of beauty. The only issue ever expressed has been, it’s a super thin paper and that makes it hard for some people to roll. 

Enter Elements Hemp slow burn rolling papers. When these came in we were anxious to try them out and see how they stacked up. Here is what we found:   rollingpaper.store Elements Hemp Rolling papers

Yes! Elements Hemp have the patented watermarks you’ve come to love that keep them from running. 


Yes Elements put the same thoughtful quality into this paper as they did all their other products. The paper has virtually no taste from first light to last puff.

Yes! This paper is heavier than Elements Rice. It is so easy to roll you will love it. (This paper is a little heavier than Raw Natural hemp as well.)

Yes! The new Elements hemps hold up really well under with moist tobacco. The paper grabs the resin as you smoke but it’s heavy enough to hold it so it doesn’t collapse into a sloppy mess half way through.


This is a big plus! We tested both single wides and 1 1/4s, with Elements Tips and without, and found this was true in every case.


After using Elements Hemp for several days we have become real fans. The pack is Elements all the way so it stays tidy. The papers roll evenly and effortlessly, seal with minimal fuss and stay sealed. They burn as advertised, slowly and evenly.

Elements Hemp rolling papers are available in single wide and 1 ¼ right now. We will let you know as other sizes become available.


If you want to try something new and different but don’t want to break the bank give Elements Hemp a try. You’ll be glad you did or we’ll refund your money!Elements Hemp Rolling Papers

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