Are Organic and Natural Rolling Papers Really Better?

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Are Organic and Natural Rolling Papers Really Better?


Rolling Paper Store employees answer similar questions about products day in and day out. Many of those questions revolve around the purity and safety of the rolling papers people use. More and more tobacco smokers are going out of their way to find organic smoking products and avoid anything grown with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. While we’re not here to debate the safety of smoking, many people believe it’s the additives, not the tobacco itself that actually kills people. It’s logical to assume that fewer chemicals used in the making of your rolling papers would also be a good thing.


Chemicals? What Chemicals

RAW organic sampler


Most rolling papers have traditionally been made with only tobacco smokers in mind and are made from non-wood pulp products. These so called “rag fibers" include hemp, flax, rice, sisal, and yes, even straw. Rolling papers manufactured primarily for tobacco use are frequently treated with calcium carbonate to limit and control the permeability (air flow) of the final product as well as the color of the paper. Magnesium carbonite is used to help keep the color of the ash light, and if a particularly white ash is desired titanium dioxide will be used. Sodium potassium tartrate, sodium and potassium citrate are also some of the elements utilized as combustion regulators in cigarette rolling papers and tubes. This results in a faster or slower burning paper. Additionally many commercially produced cigarettes are treated so they go out by themselves if you stop smoking. This was done to try and minimize accidental fires from smoking. 
This isn’t an antismoking diatribe by any means. This begs the question, is there anything a responsible, adult smoker can do to minimize the toxic chemicals in their smoking products? 

Enter the World of More Natural Smoking

Those who prefer to roll had little choice but to buy rolling papers made exclusively for tobacco. While these rolling papers may be great for cigarettes we all know most of them to roll less than steller for other leaves. Although many rolling paper companies extoll their length of service it’s many of the newer rolling paper companies who actually manufacture products aimed for the newer marketplace. 
The long awaited and inevitable march toward legality of a brand new industry has come out of the shadows. Much of this industry is centered on a not so new movement towards fewer chemicals in both our plants and our papers. Since many people who use other leaves do so for medical needs, they naturally prefer using products that are grown and handled organically. With the new oversight most states have on the industry patients can feel comfortable that if the label says organic it’s really organic.

Tobacco users are gravitating toward products that are organically grown, its logical they would seek out rolling papers that are organically grown and produced as well. If you want to dive into the world of natural smoking you might consider Raw Organics as a starting point. Raw, is one of the best rolling papers on the market and they make an excellent organic hemp line of rolling papers and cones. These papers are made from organically grown hemp. Only the innermost fibers of the plant are harvested and the gum strip is always natural sugar.

Elements also makes an excellent quality, very pure, rice rolling paper. Many of our customers love this paper because it is one of the cleanest burning rolling papers and leaves virtually no ash behind.  Elements manufactures using no chemicals or bleach, and Pure Hemp and Cones brand both make unbleached, minimally processed versions of their product. Did anyone imagine even 10 years ago there would be so many new rolling products on the market?

A Word about Filters and Tips

Since you don’t typically smoke the actual filter or tip, if you use a crutch, the contents being organic are a little less important. If you’re a tobacco roller you will probably use premade filter plugs. These filters are made of cotton or paper fibers and come in multiple sizes and lengths. If you enjoy a menthol smoke, filter plugs are available in menthol as well. Filters not only smooth the harsh edge from a cigarette, they also keep it from getting sloppy and wet at the end. There are many good quality filters available that don’t break the bank. Try Zen or Laramie or Top till you find what you like.
People started rolling with tips so they could smoke all the way to the end and not waste anything. Tips can be either strips of paper, frequently hemp that are folded and rolled into the size you want or pre-rolled, pre-glued ready to roll into your favorite size. 

It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to let the taste of chemicals ruin the flavor of your expensive tobacco. If you’re not sure which way to go, call us at the Rolling Paper Store, we’re always happy to answer your questions.


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