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5 Steps to a Perfect Rolled Cone

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How, When, and Why to Roll a Cone.


Paper Store sells a wide variety of essentials for rolling cones from papers to tips to cone carriers, as well as pre-rolled cones of all sizes. From some of our emails it seems some customers want to know more about cones, so here is your basic cone primer.

What is a rolled cone and why do people like them?
A rolled cone got its name from, and refers to, the shape of the hand rolled tobacco smoke. Properly rolled it’s narrow on one end, widening smoothly toward the end that’s lit. A cone is rolled with a tip, also called a crutch. It can be rolled from any type and size of rolling paper although as a general rule the larger the paper the easier it is to roll and you’ll get a better end result.


There are several reasons people choose rolled cones over traditional rollingpapers. 
For some it is a great method to snuff out and use for later. One rolled cone can equal several regular rolling paper smokes!  Since rolling papers come in all sizes, and pre-rolled cones are available in so many different sizes you can actually make cones that are as long as 12 inches.

5 steps to rolling a great rolled cone.


1.    Prepare your leaves carefully. Break up your leaves with a grinder, or go old school and use scissors and a dish. Just be sure to take your time and prepare more than you would for a regular size rolling paper roll. You want it to be light and fluffy, but dense enough to burn evenly, never powdery. As always, the better the leaves, the better the roll, or in this case, rolled cone.

2.    Prepare the crutch (tip) by fan folding it, along the perforations if it has them, and rolling it into the size you want. The folds will dictate how much air gets through. The tighter the roll the less air that flows through. Be sure you leave it loose enough to accommodate a build-up of resin so it won’t clog at the end. Many smokers like to use a pre-rolled cone tip, although others prefer rolling their own for the perfect size and air flow. Raw makes great hemp tips for cones, both RYO and pre-rolled.


3.    We definitely recommend a king size, or better rolling paper. If you’re going to the trouble of rolling a cone, make it epic. Open your rolling paper, glue strip facing you, and place the crutch at one end. Put the leaves in the paper as you would normally, but instead of distributing it evenly leave less at the crutch end. Think baseball bat.


4.    Keep everything on an angle as you start to roll. The paper at the tip end will be wider and your roll will finish at the tip end. Keep the crutch end tight as you roll and push the leaves gently to the end to get that cone shape.  

5.    Seal your cone the same way you would a regular rolling paper. Gently pack it down and add additional leaf at the end if necessary. Twist the end so nothing spills and let it dry thoroughly. 


Now if all this sounds like a gigantic pain, Rolling Paper Store has a large assortment of pre-rolled cones. We really like Raw and Cones as well as JWare, but you can choose your own favorite. Since cones are meant to be shared they come in a variety of sizes as well. From the 1 ¼ to the foot long Raw Supernatural pre-rolled cones are fun and easy to use.