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Rolling Paper Store J. Quarton 12/01/2018 0 Comment(s) RPS News,

Rolling Paper Store - Roll it Your WayRolling Paper Store


When you start any business, but especially one named Rolling Paper Store, your choice makes a statement. If you don't embrace that fully, if your only purpose is to make money, you're not being authentic. If you're not creating value for your customers as well as yourself I suggest you lock the doors and take a year off to travel and assess your life.

When we were planning the Rolling Paper Store we asked ourselves what a couple of baby boomers could bring to the party, pun intended. Don't get us wrong, we are doing this for money, but it wasn't the money alone that called to us, after all, we ARE the "that" generation. For better or worse we brought you sex, drugs and rock and roll. You're welcome! We also brought you disco, helicopter parents and the excess of the 80's. We're sorry! 


The founders of Rolling Paper Store are baby boomers and our staff is a mix of millennials, GenXers, and boomers. Everyone here, has experience with the products we offer.  We are passionate about the rolling paper industry and strongly believe in freedom of choice. When you order from Rolling Paper Store you're dealing with retail professionals who love the industry, not a group of investors capitalizing on an opportunity with no real idea what constitutes good customer service. How times have changed.


Rolling Paper Store is currently open for business with a select group of products that will continue to grow and evolve every day. Please tell us what your favorite products are and why. We strive to stock what you want, what's cool and unusual. We don't add products people don't want or like just to add to our item count because then you have to filter through a lot of rolling paper trash, and no one likes that.

Don't see what you want yet? Just call us because it's probably available and we will order it for you at no additional charge. Please visit us early and often. We put different items on sale and offer package deals that change from month to month. The one thing we never forget however, is why we're here and who we serve, and that is you dear customer. No matter who you are we want the opportunity to give you a truly great shopping experience.