Unusual Rolling Papers

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Seven Unusual Rolling Papers 

At Rolling Paper Store we know the RYO community loves trying things that are unique and different. To that end we try to feature as many different kinds of rolling papers as possible so you’ll always find some intriguing choices. 

Here are a seven unusual rolling papers you may like to try:


Pouch Rolling Papers

Pouch papers are a great find for the newbie to rolling and equally perfect for the smoker who has shaky hands and difficulty using a roller. 

pouch rolling papers

They are 1 ¼ size, pre-folded and sealed at each end to form a pouch for you to put your tobacco into. Put the amount you like into the pouch and roll it up without worrying that it will spill out the ends. Perfect smoke every time.

Clear Rolling Papers

If the lightest weight paper is what matters to you try Glass clear rolling papers. Available in 1 ¼ and King Size these papers offer the added advantage of seeing what you’re rolling! These are made from cellulose, glycerin and water. This may not be a rolling paper you will want to use every day but it is fun for a novelty and great if you’re a collector of unusual rolling papers.


Glass rolling papers

Un-Gummed Rolling Papers

Some roll your own purists prefer a gum free rolling paper. For those smokers we recommend OCB un-gummed, a rolling paper with no glue strip. Part of the logic is the glue strip is a slowing point that causes papers to run no matter how dry they are. We’ve tried OCB un-gummed ourselves and they aren’t wrong, these are great rolling papers. OCB un-gummed papers are best for use by experienced hand rollers. They don’t work as well when you use a rolling machine. Shine 24k gold rolling papers



Gold Rolling Papers

If you’re all about the bling and want to make a big, glitzy statement with the papers you use, try Shine gold rolling papers. Made from actual edible gold this is super fun for a holiday or birthday. Maybe you want to twist one up and give a special gift to a fellow bling lover. At 54.99 per pack these papers are pricey but no one will ever forget you.


randys rolling papers

Randy's Rolling Papers

Randy’s has been the darling of underground tobacco smokers for years. The papers have a very thin wire embedded that rolls along with your smoke. As you smoke the wire is left exposed. At the very end you bend the wire down to form a perfect built in clip. No waste.


urban wraps rolling papers

Urban Wraps

If you really like to keep what you’re smoking low key and under the radar, try Urban Wraps cigarette printed rolling papers. Made in a 1 ½ size only, with a  brown “filter” printed in nontoxic soy ink on one end, these papers look remarkably like a commercial cigarette, especially when you use a rolling machine to roll with.


Organic Rolling Papers

The organic movement has reached the tobacco industries. At Rolling Paper Store we are confident that as this movement gains strength there will be more options. For those smokers who value what they’re putting into their bodies we recommend Raw Organic Hemp Rolling Papers. Made from organically sourced hemp, they use only the most tender, inner part of the hemp stalk to make this wonderful rolling paper.


raw organic rolling papers


No matter what your regular favorite rolling paper might be it’s always nice to branch out occasionally and try something new and different. At Rolling Paper Store we are always adding new brands of rolling papers to our site. We’re always looking for new ways to improve your smoking experience, so if there’s something you want to see just drop us an email at sales@rollingpaper.store and let us know.


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