Which Type Rolling Papers Roll the Best

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rolling papers rolling paper storeWhich Type Rolling Papers Roll the Best


Rolling Paper Store fields a lot of questions about rolling papers from customers every day. The most often asked question is probably “which rolling papers roll the best?” Answering that question for someone is a lot like telling them which car to buy. The answer is, it depends on any number of things, all of them personal preferences.

The rolling paper you use will impact the taste, burn rate, and level of particulates involved in your smoking experience. Many commercial rolling papers have chemicals like chlorine and calcium carbonate added to them during the manufacturing process. This is to make them lighter or stronger or so they burn more slowly. 

Although a thicker, heavier paper like Job or Zig Zag Orange is easier to roll, it will almost always burn faster and will generally be much harsher to smoke than a thinner lightweight paper. A light weight rice paper like Rizzla or Elements is super thin, burns cleanly and leaves almost zero ash. The added benefit is the flavor of your leaves will really come through.

If you have trouble managing a lighter, thinner rolling paper you can try using a Raw Eco rolling machine. Just be sure to match the roller size to your rolling paper. Use a 70 mm roller for single wide rolling papers, a 79 mm roller for 1 ¼ and 1 ½ size papers and a 110 mm for king size rolling papers. You can also buy a larger size paper for hand rolling until you adjust to the feel.rolling machine raw rolling paper store

Hemp rolling papers are a current favorite for smokers but they’re not all created equal either. Just because a rolling paper is made of hemp doesn’t mean it hasn’t been subjected to the same chemical process as other wood pulp papers. Raw is our go to brand for hemp rolling papers. Raw doesn’t use any of these chemicals or bleaches in their process. In fact their papers a beautiful tan color as well as being smooth and lightweight but still strong and easy to roll. Rolling Paper Store has a huge assortment of Raw rolling papers in all sizes and counts. We also carry Raw Organic rolling papers and cones for those who want a guarantee of purity.


So our answer is try a few brands in a few sizes until you find the rolling paper you absolutely can’t live without.

Roll it Your Way...

Rolling Paper Store has assembled the best brands of rolling papers and smoking accessories both old and new for you to choose from. From Abadie to Zig Zag, hemp to rice, rolling papers to cones, flavored, natural and organic, we have it all. We sell by the pack and by the box and have a variety of sampler packs for those who can't decide. 

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