Stash Safes

Stash Safes

Use creative ordinary items as a way to stash your small valuables and stash to keep them away from prying eyes and bad guys. 

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Can Safe Beverage New

Can Safe Beverage

Keep your stash and other small valuables safe and cool. Put any of these cans in the refrigerator and no one will ever be able to tell it doesn't belong. Even if they were to pick it up it weighs t..


Can Safe Heinz Beans

If someone tosses your house I promise you they'll probably overlook the pantry except for flour canisters. No one will ever suspect you've got valuables hidden in the bean can safe! The bottom unsc..


Can Safe Picture Frame

Use the picture frame safe to keep your valuables hidden in plain site. No burgler will ever suspect you have anything of value hidden in a picture frame. Let a favorite picture remind you of what o..


Chain Lube Can Safe

Want to keep your valuables completely safe? Stash them in this little Chain Lube Can Safe, put it on the shelf in the garage and it hides your stuff like a chameleon. ..


Cookies Toilet Brush Safe SOLD OUT

Cookies Toilet Brush Safe

We promise you the toilet brush safe will keep your goodies safe in case of a break in. No one will even give this functional toilet brush a second look, never mind pick it up. The toilet brush safe..


Stash Safe-Garage Door Opener

No one will ever suspect your garage door opener is actually a mini safe in disguise. Keep money, keys, or a little stash out of site and safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers...


Toilet Puck Safe

Even if a bad guy takes the lid off your toilet they will overlook this innocuous little chlorine puck. It looks just like it belongs and no one will ever look twice...